A very belated update, but a few weeks ago I played in the Midsummer Opera performance of Puccini’s La Fanciulla Del West. It was held at St John’s Church in Waterloo, which is an absolutely beautiful venue. The acoustics are great (why do I always want to spell that with two ‘c’s?), and the church itself is very imposing.

Zoe South played Minnie, and John Upperton was Dick Johnson (Ramerrez). Special acclaim to Zoe for singing while recovering from a chest infection! Also a special mention has to go to the Midsummer Opera Men’s Chorus, who were standing at the back of the violins. When you’re sawing away at some of the more emphatic sforzando bits, it’s always a help to be joined by what sounds like the massed ranks of the Russian Army! Some wonderful singing.

Also, of course, David Roblou as conductor is a force to be reckoned with. He managed to keep an entire hall spellbound for two nights, and a sell-out audience. Keep an eye on http://www.midsummeropera.org.uk/ for the date of the next performance, and come along to have a look!

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